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Our Mission

The exploding cost of healthcare is a crisis in America. Prescription medication prices have become unpredictable and unreasonably high for those without quality, high premium health insurance. Even generic drugs can be astronomically expensive and well beyond the means of the families and individuals who need them the most. No budget should be stretched just to accommodate the medications that keep you happy, healthy, and living your best life.

To make matters worse, the high premiums of insurance plans are driven even higher by these inflated drug prices, putting quality care out of reach for many uninsured and lower income Americans. It’s a vicious and unfair cycle.

But it’s a problem that has a solution. Pharmadeal gives you access to the drugs you need at affordable prices. So you can stay healthy without worrying about the cost, and the American healthcare system can start moving toward a fairer model.

We provide completely transparent pricing, starting with the base price of a medication along with our markup costs, which are kept to a minimum. When you order your prescriptions through Pharmadeal, you know exactly what you’re paying for. No middleman. No tricks. No price hikes for maximum profits. And the more we sell, the better we can make our prices.

The healthcare system is broken, and Pharmadeal hopes to help fix one part of it. It’s a small step, but it can make a huge difference in the lives of everyday Americans. Thank you for helping us make it happen.